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Dog Sitters Aventura

Our Dog Sitters in Aventura, will sit your treasured dog in your home, or ours; we facilitate you every time! We are the popular, and very well-respected 5 Paw Pets. When choosing a Sitter or a Kennel/Boarding Facility, be sure to choose us, at 5 Paw Pets.! Your dog will receive undivided attention, and very generous playtime. All of our Services are secure, and we do not use cages. Our Sitters are all pet owners and pet lovers; they treat your dog like their own, making sure, that your dog is kept on his/her schedule, the one you always use.

At 5 Paw Pets, our mission is certain; it is to provide our special "5-Star" Pet Care, to every pet that has been entrusted to us. Our Dog Sitters in Aventura are all fully trained staff workers, who care for one dog at a time, ensuring health, and safety. Unconditional love abounds! Next time you need a Sitter, call us; see for yourself how much better it is for your dog to be with us. Why look elsewhere for Sitting, when we are ready to do a good job, and fully protect, and care your dog, as if it were our very own? Book a FREE Meet & Greet!

5 Paw Pets offers an array of pet services, and will customize to your pet's needs. Services are: professional pet sitter, dog walker, vacation pet care, pet nanny, overnight pet sitter, doggie day care, pet taxi driver. We also meet all other pet care related needs.

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