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Overnight Pet Sitter

An overnight pet sitter can give you peace of mind when you have to leave your pets alone for a night or more. At 5 Paw Pets, we can arrange for an overnight pet sitter to come to your home, or welcome your pet into ours. When you have to go out of town, it can be very stressful leaving your pet in the care of traditional kennels or boarding facilities. Your treasured pet could be locked in a small cage, surrounded by other animals, and might come home ill. Plus, who knows if they are getting the attention and exercise they need.

Our staff of animal lovers will ensure that your pet keeps to their regular schedule, and is safe, happy, stress free. We'll make sure they get the attention, love, and play time they are used to. 5 Paw Pets strives to treat your pet like our very own. At 5 Paw Pets, with our overnight pet sitter service, we give your pet our love, attention, playtime and more. Our sitters will provide our "5-Star" care no matter what kind of pet you have or what services you need. Call us today for a FREE consultation!

At 5 Paw Pets we have different pet care services to choose from and we customize our services that best suits your pet's needs including pet sitting, dog walker, vacation pet care, pet nanny, Overnight Pet Sitter, doggie day care, pet taxi driver and more.

For our pet sitter service give us a call and ask about our free consultation.

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