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Unlike average pet kennels, 5 Paw Pets provides a unique experience that is sure to leave both you and your furry friend satisfied! There is absolutely no need to stress out about your daily schedule, or your upcoming vacation . When you choose 5 Paw Pets, you know that all fronts are properly covered and that your pet is in a safe and healthy environment with lots of loving care. Our sitters will also keep your dog on its regular schedule, not ours! Call us today to learn more!

5 Paw Pets provides your pet with more than average pet kennels. Our "5-Star" pet care is showered on your dog, regardless of which boarding service option you choose from us. Given our one on one attention, and cageless (if applicable) policy, you can relax while you and your pet are apart. You need not go frantically searching for any better service for your treasured pet. The team at 5 Paw pets excels at creating an inviting and relaxing environment while you are away from your pet.

5 Paw Pets offers several pet care services, and we will customize them to your pet's needs, including pet sitter, dog walker, vacation pet care, pet nanny, overnight pet sitter, doggie day care, pet taxi driver and other pet care related services.

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