Pet Sitters
"Luxury Love & Care, YES... We'll Always Be There"

Luxury Pet Care Visits

Pet Care Visits:
Are you on your way to Dubai for business? Last minute dinner plans? Going on a cruise for pleasure? Running late from work? Or just got home from having a procedure done? Don’t worry we will always be there, even if it’s 1 visit or multiple visits throughout the day.

With this type of service you can assure that your pet(s) will be taking care of no matter what your circumstances are.  This service is offered to all different type of pets in your household. No additional charge for multiple pets. We will guarantee your pets have instructed quantity of fresh food, treats and water, various walks, pet waste removal and clean up, play time, love and care, and medications if required. In regards to your home on the same visits, we will do the basic home check-up, water plants; bring in your mail or packages, alternate blinds/lights, and tidy up pet area.  We understand that every pet owner and their pets have different needs; therefore, we customize visits to tailor your specific needs with attention to the minimal details. We can accommodate last minute visits, however, it is recommended to have a key on file and an assigned Pet care member alarm code (if applicable).