Pet Sitters
"Luxury Love & Care, YES... We'll Always Be There"

Luxury Private Pet Boarding

Private Pet Boarding:
Many of our Pet care members’ offer your pets’ professional cage free boarding in their homes. You can name it, their Vacation home. Our Home-Away- From- Home philosophy, offers your pet(s) a comfortable stay in the absence of their owners. We ensure that your Pets are walked/out 5 X’s daily, fed under their same routine , fresh water at all times, maximum 3 dogs at a times, they sleep on beds provided by our Pet care members or you, they are provided with daily basic tidy-up , they receive unlimited exercise, love, care and attention.

All pets must be up-to-date with their immunizations and health records, recently groomed, tick & flea preventative applied, provide their food in labeled zip lock bag or container,  a toy , collar or harness, leash and treats.

Cats, birds and all other pets are welcome!