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Pet Fitness Programs

Pet Fitness Programs:
Like humans, many pets can become overweight due to the lack of exercise. Pet fitness programs are essential to your dog/cat’s wellbeing. It helps decrease behavioral problems. A well-exercise pet relaxes, improves bone and joint health, heart and lung function, is calmer, and has less chances of becoming obese; which can lead to serious health issues such as heart failure, diabetes, joint or hip issues.

Our pet fitness program offers various types of fitness and mental fitness programs for your pets.  Some of which includes: running, jogging, walking, carrying weight items (weight toys/baskets/boxes), jumping, ball fetching, agility training, tunnel exercise, concentration exercises, brain exercises, Frisbee, cat strings/toys, swimming and much more!

Duration, location and type of fitness will determine on your pet needs and their fitness levels. Good health and fitness make pets look better and fell healthier!