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Dog Walking Service

Private Dog Walking Service:
Private dog walking services allow us to provide to your dog(s) on-leash/one-on-one walk sessions in the areas of your preference within your community. We understand that every dog have different needs, so for that reason; duration, distance, pace, will vary to suit each client pets’ needs. NO Additional charge for multiple dogs within the same household. No additional charge for cleaning paws and private areas after walks, replenishing fresh water/food, disposing of their pet waste and giving them the love and care they constantly deserve!

Group Dog Walking Service:
Group Dog walking services allows your dog and their doggie buddies or neighbors’ to be walked in a group at the same time. Duration, location, distance and pace will also vary on their needs. An evaluation is needed prior, to ensure that your dog (s) have compatible skills. This type of activity is a great way to have your dog socialize with their buddies, but at the same time, receive the love and care they all deserve. Group walks are recommended mid-day or early afternoon.